Hail Damage To RoofWhen a hailstorm hits the Garden State, it can feel like you’re stuck between a determined batter and a star pitcher. At SECI Construction in Clifton, NJ, we know the havoc hail can wreak on skylights, gutters, ventilation hoods, and other structures on your roof. We make repairs quickly and effectively to prevent further damage to your home.

Hail Damage to Roof Repair Services

When a storm hits, you can run for shelter, but your roof isn’t so lucky. Your shingles and roofing materials take a beating in a hailstorm and may require some TLC. Choose a construction company with a proven track record in completing roof repairs that last. If your roof makes it through a hailstorm without leakage, you still need a qualified professional to fix the damaged structures hit by hail, and SECI Construction in Clifton, New Jersey has a solid reputation for getting the job done right the first time.

We thoroughly inspect the entire surface, taking extra precaution to catch tears and holes where the edges meet. Our experienced team of roofing experts search for any signs of hail damage and fix it immediately. Ask us about the appropriate roofing services required and a recommendation on whether you need a roof repair or replacement. You’ve weathered the storm. Now, let us get your home back in prime condition.

Free Inspection

Our free inspection covers gutters, flashing, roof shingles, skylights, vent hoods, and stacks, chimney caps and chimneys. We can also inspect the interior of your home if you suspect leakage damage.

Preventing Interior Damage

Following a severe hailstorm, once the major damage has been assessed and repaired, you need to make sure there’s no leakage damage to the interior of your home. SECI Construction in Clifton, New Jersey sends qualified technicians to evaluate whether further repairs are needed in your attic and other areas vulnerable to storm runoff and damage due to melted hail stones.

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