Inspector On Roof

Ensure your roof is in good condition with thorough roof inspections from SECI Construction. Our inspections ensure the structural integrity of your roof is intact and identify and evaluate areas that might require repair now or in the near future.

Professional Roof Inspection Benefits

Regularly performed professional roof inspections are essential to catch small issues before they cause costly repairs, reroofing or premature replacement. The sooner we discover and repair roofing issues, the less it costs you. Alternatively, when you ignore small problems, they can quickly become larger and more costly. Compare the minimal cost of annual roof inspections to the expenses associated with undetected leaks and deterioration, and you’ll see and agree that inspections are a sound investment.

Cost saving benefits coincide with a prolonged roof lifespan. Routine inspections help slow the rate of your roof’s deterioration because they allow us to swiftly find and replace damaged or missing shingles, discover and fix ventilation issues and detect and repair hidden leaks that cause unseen damage. By mitigating major issues and catching them while they’re still insignificant, we effectively extend the time between roof replacements.

Safety is the greatest benefit. When you hire our highly skilled roofers, you eliminate personal safety risks associated with DIY inspections, such as falling off the ladder or rooftop. You also eliminate roof damage risks. Our certified roofing contractors use the right equipment, safety gear and tools to mitigate accidents and protect themselves and your roof. We also maintain comprehensive insurance to cover the rare occurrence of a mishap that causes damage.

We Cover All Aspects Of Your Roof

When we inspect your roof, we carefully evaluate all aspects. It takes a trained eye to spot many minor roofing issues before they become major repairs. Our thorough roof inspections check for:

  • Missing, broken or torn shingles
  • Worn away shingle granules
  • Cracked or missing caulk
  • Rusted or missing flashing
  • Rotted or torn rubber boots around pipes
  • Wood rot or sagging areas
  • Cracks in chimney
  • Missing chimney caps
  • Poorly secured gutters

Once we complete an inspection, you can be sure your roof is structurally sound and protecting your home. If we do find any issues, we also offer free estimates for quality roof repairs.

Schedule A Comprehensive Roof Inspection Today

If you need a roof inspection to prepare your home for sale, satisfy the requirements of your warranty or simply give yourself peace of mind, call the roofing experts at SECI Construction. We provide comprehensive roof inspections and certifications for all roof types. Schedule your inspection today by calling 866-572-7324

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