Installing Roof VentEffective roof and attic ventilation systems reduce heat and moisture in your attic. This helps cut heating and cooling costs, improve interior climate comfort, lessen the risk of ice dam formation on your roof and prolong the life of your roofing materials. If your roof isn’t well-ventilated, ask our knowledgeable roofing experts at SECI Construction about the wide array of roof vents we offer that improve airflow through passive ventilation. We can also repair or replace existing roof vents or install new roof vents after creating a balanced ventilation design that fits your specific needs.

Types Of Roof Vents

For optimal results, you need the correct balance of intake and exhaust vents in your roof design. The specialists at SECI Construction understand airflow and help you choose the right type of roof vents to achieve the level of ventilation your home needs. We offer an array of ridge, soffit and gable-end roof vents to fit a your ventilation design requirements.

  • Ridge vents are exhaust vents installed along the roof ridge and probably the most important vents in a passive roof ventilation system. These roof vents come in a series of separate pieces or one long piece and allow the hot air inside your attic to escape as it rises. Ridge vents should run the entire length of your attic for best results. Covering them with a layer of shingles after installation will easily conceal them.
  • Soffit vents are intake vents that draw fresh outdoor air into your attic. These roof vents are usually grilles that run parallel to the eaves along the entire length of your soffits. Commonly made of aluminum or vinyl, soffit vents are typically hidden from sight beneath the eaves and work in conjunction with ridge and gable-end vents.
  • Gable vents are slotted pieces of wood or siding that work as both intake and exhaust vents when installed near the peak of a gable. These roof vents allow hot air to escape from the attic while letting fresh air enter. Gable vents rely heavily on prevailing winds and work best when used in conjunction with soffit vents.

Your New Jersey Roofing Expert

We can add roof vents to an existing roof or install them during a roof replacement. We’re Greater New Jersey’s expert roofing contractors for all types of roofing solutions, including roof inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement. Contact us at 855-506-1600 for a free quote on ridge, soffit and/or gable vent installation in Clifton, Paterson and Passaic, and throughout the Garden State today.

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