In the Northeastern United States, winters can be rough. At the worst of times, New Jersey homeowners can experience a foot of snow or more in a single day. While most modern roofs are developed with these weather conditions in mind, older and low-slope roofs may accumulate a great deal of snow after periods of heavy precipitation, which can lead to a host of negative consequences.

Why Do You Need Expert Snow Removal Services?

Has your Paterson, New Jersey home seen hefty snow accumulations in the winter months? Your home could be at risk for a vast range of issues. For one, snow buildup often leads to the creation of ice dams, which occur when the temperature at your roof’s eaves is low enough to freeze liquid runoff. This refrozen snow then continues to build up, forming an icy barrier that causes additional melted snow to pool on your roof. Should these pools get large enough, they may start to seep into your home, causing severe damage to both your roof and your home’s interior.

Snow Removal – Paterson, NJ – SECI Construction

Snow covered roof- SECI Construction

Attempting to clear your roof of snow on your own can be quite dangerous, as the ice created by the low temperatures of Paterson’s winters can make it all too easy to slip and fall. Likewise, the snow covering your roof can obscure potential tripping hazards.

Passaic County Roofing Snow Removal Service

Based in Clifton, SECI Construction offers snow removal services throughout Greater New Jersey, including Passaic County and the Paterson, NJ area. We employ precise measures to ensure that your shingles aren’t damaged in the process, and we do our best to operate from the ground for a safe, straightforward removal experience. If you’re dealing with pesky snow buildup, contact SECI Construction today to receive your free estimate.