Nelson St in Clifton
My front steps need some fixing

Campbell Ave in Clifton
Would like a quote for redoing our front steps and fixing side exterior walls of the house. Please call if you are available in the morning Next Thursday 7-27 or Friday 7-28. Thank you.

Randolph Ave in Clifton
I have a approximately 750 sf flat roof on a one story commercial kitchen in Clifton. It’s leaking badly due to a botched roof replacement 4 years ago.

Roosevelt Ave in Clifton
Need a new roof, siding, & patio

Canterbury Ct in Clifton
We would like to get our existing deck redesigned and made larger. Also would like to get our patio done along with the deck.

in Clifton
Our roof needs to be replaced and we are going to need financing.

Chatham Terrace in Clifton
I would like to get a quote for a concrete pad and walkway. I need a gradual pitch for the walkway to help rain go to the front of the house because the current walkway is pitched towards the house having water go to the garages foundation and we sometimes see water come in.

Lorraine Dr. in Clifton
Front steps need to be rebuild. I had an estimate from Seci a couple of years ago, but never did the construction due to other unexpected expenses.

Maple Hill Rd in Clifton
Estimate for roof and siding. Siding to include garage all or just front and back peaks than paint to match. Due to cinder block concrete garage. Also possible front and side doors. Than you.

Louis Clifton, NJ
Voicemail- Customer would like roof inspection done.