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When you want durable, proven roofing for your commercial building, built-up roofing is time-tested. For the highest quality roofing products, installation and repair services, turn to the roofing experts at SECI Construction. We have more than 20 years of experience in the roofing and construction business. Our commitment to our customers sets us apart from the competition and makes us one of the best-known contractors in the Clifton, New Jersey, area.

Built-Up Roofing Is A Reliable Flat Roofing Method

Traditional BUR systems typically consist of several layers of industrial fabric, felt or paper applied with hot tar topped with gravel or crushed stone. The system’s redundancy of layers provides added strength against the elements and foot traffic on buildings that require workers to regularly walk across it.

Modern BUR systems are either hot-mopped or cold-applied and can be gravel-surfaced or smooth-coated, depending on your needs. BUR systems are suitable for most flat or low-slope commercial roofing applications and create a durable, water-resistant surface. The life expectancy of your roof increases based on the number of layers and quality of materials used.

Reasons To Choose Built-Up Roofing

BUR systems have been around for more than 100 years, longer than most modern solutions. Their durability and proven performance still make them the preferred roofing system of many building owners. Due to their simplicity, they’re also one of the least expensive roofing options. They’re easy to install in all temperatures and offer a long-lasting roofing solution with superior waterproofing capabilities.

When compared to flat roofing materials that offer single-layer membranes, BUR systems offer superior waterproofing and reliability. Single-layer systems focus on reflecting UV rays, but various finishing options can improve UV resistance in BUR systems. Ease of installation ensures minimal disruption to trade, and the long-term warranty guarantees satisfaction.

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SECI Construction uses only the best products from top manufacturers to ensure your commercial property gets the highest quality roof possible. We’re experts in all aspects of commercial roofing, including maintenance, repair and installation of built-up roofing systems. We proudly service Passaic, Paterson and the greater New Jersey area from our Clifton, New Jersey, location. Contact us at 855-506-1600 for a free estimate on a low-maintenance, easy-to-repair and reliable BUR system today.

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