All masonry chimneys need repair at some point. This is because harsh weather, especially large amounts of water, damages mortar joints. While the bricks on your chimney can last a century, mortar has a much shorter lifespan. Seci Construction in Clifton, New Jersey, specializes in keeping chimneys looking great and functioning safely and efficiently. Our chimney repair services include repairing damaged mortar, primarily through tuckpointing.

Importance Of Mortar Repair

If you discover cracks in your mortar, crumbling mortar or evidence of water damage, it’s time for some chimney repairs. Cracked and crumbling mortar joints aren’t just ugly, they also allow water to seep inside your chimney. This can cause extensive damage not only to your chimney’s masonry, but also to other areas of your home. Damaged mortar also can cause the bricks in your chimney to become loose, which adds to water seepage issues. Excessive moisture can cause rapid deterioration of your chimney, and eventually, collapse.

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Tuckpointing Basics

Tuckpointing is a repair process that can prevent further cracking and deterioration of the mortar joints in your chimney. It’s a cost-effective option that requires grinding out defective mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar to restore your chimney to a like-new condition. We expertly match new mortar to your existing mortar, so you likely won’t even notice where we made replacements.

Benefits of Tuckpointing

Our expert tuckpointing and other chimney repair services preserve the overall look of your chimney while stabilizing it and providing relatively waterproof mortar joints. This extends the life of your chimney. Other benefits of tuckpointing include:

  • Halting mortar joint corrosion.
  • Preventing water from seeping into the chimney, potentially causing stains inside your home on the ceiling and wall surrounding the chimney and promoting mold, mildew and wood rot.
  • Strengthening a weak chimney structure that eventually would have begun to lean, then collapse.
  • Avoiding the expense of complete chimney tear-down and replacement.
  • Improved home value.

Chimney Repair Experts

If defective mortar joints have caused too many bricks to become dislodged and/or broken, you may have no choice but to have your chimney rebuilt. Besides chimney repair services, we also can partially or completely dismantle your existing chimney and restore or rebuild the structure in accordance with local and state building codes.

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